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The Great Southern Forest advocates that the Federal and State Governments:

1. Espouse a new, ethically responsible long-term vision based on recognition that our public native forests now have greater environmental and economic value if left standing than being logged for woodchips; and acknowledge that plantation timbers surpass our domestic and export wood needs.

2. Endorse changing management of these biodiverse ecosystems from destructive and loss-making logging under outdated, failed Regional Forest Agreement regimes to their crucial roles in the climate and water cycles, and now halt and reverse declines in their major contributions to species diversity and community well-being.

3. Develop new management arrangements by drawing on science and Aboriginal land management knowledge to empower Traditional Owners and others to participate in a highly skilled workforce in diverse regional jobs in forest restoration and adaptation.

4. Acknowledge the respect regional communities have: for our native forests and the life they support; for their carbon sequestration and climate mitigation benefits; and for their intrinsic uniqueness and beauty.